Friday, October 21, 2011

Sorry i have had a terrible mounth

Sorry guy but i have been sick and i my computer broke and i also have a lot of home work so i might not be blogging for a few mouths. So my past few days were ok (forget that i was sick). I decide to start a storm wizard.he is right now level 7 and i decide to go with ice as secondary. I got him some great gear at the bazaar and he is ready to take on wizard city. I really hate the low health but besides that all is well.
I know this is sort but have fun around the spiral!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PvP not what I Expected!

Well all i can say is that pvp is not working for me very well. I am great at 1v1and 2v2, but when i come to the other two i am terrible. I tried out 3v3 about 11 times the past two weeks and i know i can do better. 4v4 is horrible without a life wizard. i died one time after another. Ranked pvp is WAY too competitive. I insult after insult. But in the end i found out pvp is not for me, unless their is a price for pvp (that is not one ticket) than it would be more bearable. In other news i have had no luck getting the red ghost in the hatchery. I finally got the yellow ghost but i found out i had about 10K gold. So i needed to do alot of farming to sell for good gold. I got to 40k and then i went straight to the pet pavilion. I didn't get on the first or on the second try, to make it worse i had no luck in sunken city. I feel like the game hates me again, but i got the dragons hoard pack, if you voted for the game choice awards. Hope wizard101 win so i can get the mystery pet. Unlike last year we got nothing. I really need a long break from farming because it been almost 5 Months for pets and gear. And my wizaversery is almost here! Can't wait! I wish i could tell what the next world would be. That way not so many secrets. Back too pvp, i was horrible in 3v3 and 4v4. I am better of farming or doing something else. About the pet farming i have the worst luck. The life wizard i was with flied in the Grubb battle in sunken city and he and his minions had around 5 pips each, and you get the picture. i really really want to get done with wizard city pets to move onto Krok. And remember have fun around the spiral!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I got a few and then some

So, yesterday i found out about the red ghost pet on twitter. I really need this pet like, if i don't have it i die. That's how much i need it, because my main wizard is a necromancer. Also i got a few of the pets i was farming for, Myth sprite, the blue banshee, the snow serpant, the ghost, the life banshee, and the mander pet. I will be needing help in the Sunken city dungeon. It's a long dungeon, and to make it worse i am a necromancer, and 90% of the mobs in there are death and it will still be long with prisms. The yellow ghost i need to hatch with a green ghost. But the yellow ghost won't drop, and it's been about two mounths! I have two chances for pets in Sunken city and in the Emporers Retreat. The greater imp and blue cat thug in Sunken city and Ghoul and Artic serpent, in Emperors Retreat. Other things are closeing in. My wiz aversery is coming next mounth! Three years were has the time gone. So I am happy to say that things are going in a 3 in a lvl from 1 to 5. Next I will try out PVP for a change to see how things go. I been good but some people can get really competative in ranked macthes. So i will say on twiiter when i am ready to do the dungeon run of Sunken city, @JackMythwiz. Have fun around the Spiral

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All the pets

Here in WizardCity i am going to try to get every pet drop in the spiral. First with all the pets in WizardCity, Then to Krokatopia, then Marlybone,then Mooshu, then dragonsprire and so on. I only Began a Month Ago and i only have six so i can tell this will take a while. Tell me any tips you have @JackMythwiz on twitter.